Green Inside

Why Les Crêtes has chosen Green Inside?

“Because to consume renewable energy is green, but having the identikit of the energy consumed is green inside. Because we have chosen to differentiate ourselves with responsible behavior in favor of the land and the social and environmental context, with a different and more sustainable approach to work declined in the activities of everyday life and thus also in the selection of materials and suppliers, making attention the environment a distinctive tangible and transversal element. Innovative services therefore, low environmental impact, in compliance with the climatic balances and land protection achieved through investments in both traditional and in renewable energy sources. ”

Green Inside is the provision that combines electrical energy to real opportunities to make attention to the environment, a real distinguishing feature. The first and only electricity supply that provides the double certification and provide a guarantee  of the origin green energy, the energy efficiency analysis energy efficiency and marketing tools by which communicating our  environmental commitment.

The green origin of the energy supplied and its traceability are certified by TŰV SÜD, accredited and internationally recognized trademarks .